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Energy Balancing Explanation Simplified

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Energy Balancing Testimonials

Look for Seane's 'Helpers' in her Aura By the time Seane Malone was seven years old, she was recognized in India as a very ancient soul. Thus she began her spiritual training at a very young age. This form of energy work was part of her training.

This Energy Balancing technique deals with fixing physical body distress (illness or physical damage) by dealing directly with the energy patterns that are contributing to life's challenges that are causing the problems.

Because we're electro-magnetic, our energy bodies tend to record events, emotions and episodes, like VCR tapes record movies. Our auras have certain events, responses and patterns recorded, seemingly indelibly, in them.

Some examples: If someone broke their leg 25 years ago, there is probably still an energy 'hole' or 'bump' recorded in the energy field of the leg. Sometimes this manifests as continuing to hurt that leg, or there's a weakness there.

If someone had been emotionally hurt or suffered a great loss, there would be an energy lack or over abundance around the heart area and around relationships and trust. This could manifest as continued feeling of loss or, if the relationship was abusive, continued attracting the same wrong kinds of people into our lives.

Some people believe in past lives. If a tragedy occurred way-back-when, and wasn't resolved, it could affect the current life in seemingly mysterious but very real ways.

I'd like to relate an episode or two that exemplifies how past lives seem to affect our current life. Please note, I'm not saying how 'our belief' in past lives affect us. Whether the belief is there or not, it happens.

Here's the link to the stories:    Energy Balancing Stories

Mind you, I'm open to the idea that our brains manufacture a story to explain our illness or injury. However, it doesn't explain why changing something in that past "dominos" forward to change the Now.

“Where there are two or more of you together, there I AM.”   

Heart Chakra

Seane Malone is an Ordained Minister in both the United States and Canada and is currently available to provide for you:

  • Energy Balancing Sessions ($250)
  • Raindrop Technique with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils ($125)
  • Meditation and Metaphysical Instruction ($65)
  • Private Clairvoyant Readings & Life Path Counseling ($250)

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